Elsevier Launches Mosby’s Home Health Care

Unique resource offers trusted content and competency management functionality for home healthcare professionals Elsevier has announced the availability of Mosby’s Home Health Care, which combines trusted… Learn More.

Ebola Update: What’s New

As more cases of Ebola are identified each day, apprehension mounts about whether or not the epidemic can be contained. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledge that the battle to control the virus is going to be a “long, hard fight.” Knowing the facts helps to minimize fear and keep the perceived danger in perspective.

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Ebola Update: Now in the U.S.

The current Ebola outbreak is the worst one ever recorded. It will likely infect 20,000 people before the virus stops spreading and has prompted the… Learn More.

Ebola: What You Need to Know

The news is full of stories about the Ebola virus. An infected airline passenger has carried Ebola virus into Nigeria, spreading the disease to yet… Learn More.