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Mosby’s eLearning is the best source for authoritative, online continuing education courses for nurses. Each course helps your organization build a solid foundation for effective, impactful evidence-based practice, while helping every member of your staff improve on the job.

The courses are developed by our team of on-staff, master’s-prepared nurses in close collaboration with key nursing associations, including:


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Benefits of Mosby’s eLearning:

  • ClinicalNurseFor Clinical Nurses
  • icon7For Nursing Educators
  • icon6For Healthcare Organizations

For Clinical Nurses

Mosby’s eLearning provides nurses of all skill levels with instant online access to valuable education opportunities. The lessons qualify for CE credits, so they are key building blocks for career advancement, re-licensure, and certification.

Mosby’s eLearning courses promote competence and confidence by helping nurses:

  • Learn at their own pace, with lessons available 24/7
  • Advance their knowledge with content based on the latest evidence and practice standards
  • Apply knowledge to their practice for safer, higher-quality care
  • Remain fully engaged in learning through interactive activities, engaging animations and videos, photos, and more
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For Nursing Educators

Mosby’s eLearning makes it easy for you to standardize professional education throughout your organization, ensuring documented, real-world competence and improving patient care.

Mosby’s eLearning courses allow you to:

  • Set a new standard of care by ensuring and documenting consistent education in specialty areas
  • Implement a blended learning approach to reach and educate every member of your staff
  • Devote less time to classroom instruction and more time to applying knowledge in the real world


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For Healthcare Organizations

Mosby’s eLearning helps healthcare organizations promote the continuing educational needs of nurses, building a culture focused on learning, improvement and excellent patient care.


Mosby’s eLearning courses are designed to help healthcare organizations:

  • Enhance the quality of patient care
  • Promote better patient outcomes
  • Reduce recruitment and retention costs


See how Mosby’s eLearning can help you promote a culture of education, improvement and confidence.

Mosby’s eLearning Includes:

Lesson listings


Topic overview


Introduction page



include engaging elements like animations, videos, photos and more

Knowledge checks


Case studies


Lesson test

Readmissions Whitepaper

Responding Effectively through Education and Data

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