Mosby’s Skills

Standardize the way clinical skills are taught and performed.

Perform skills and procedures with confidence.

Mosby’s Skills combines an extensive collection of evidence-based skills and procedures with convenient competency management functionality.

Nurses and respiratory therapists, active in clinical practice, write, review and continually update content to reflect the latest in evidence-based practice, covering 1,300+ skills for adult and pediatrics and a broad range of specialties including perioperative, maternal/newborn, neonatal intensive care, oncology, respiratory care, and others.

If you’re ready to take skills competency assessment a step further, explore Mosby’s Skills+, which gives you new flexibility to add your own content and to assign, test, assess, and manage competency. It’s a powerful staff education resource.

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Benefits of Mosby’s Skills

  • icon8For Clinical Staff
  • icon7For Educators and Managers
  • icon6For Healthcare Organizations

For Clinical Staff

Mosby’s Skills delivers an engaging, multifaceted learning experience for nurses and other health professionals. Each of the 1,300 evidence-based, online skills offers both quick-sheet summaries and in-depth descriptions with rationales, checklists, supply lists, competency tests for immediate feedback, either video or animated demonstrations, and illustrations. Content is available 24/7 and is continually reviewed and updated.

Mosby’s Skills helps clinical staff members:

  • Refresh knowledge
  • Learn entirely new skills
  • Master concepts through an interactive testing process with immediate feedback
  • Increase overall competency
  • Stay informed of policy changes and organizational developments
  • Access information from other systems with Elsevier Infobutton
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For Educators and Managers

Mosby’s Skills gives you powerful administrative tools to assign, manage, and validate the competency of your staff.


Mosby’s Skills helps educators and managers:

  • Orient new staff members to key skills and procedures
  • Validate staff knowledge
  • Establish specific learning criteria
  • Create assignments and evaluate individual learning needs
  • Monitor progress
  • Create reports to measure competency against industry standards
  • Post announcements for staff
  • Integrate content with Elsevier Performance Manager to coordinate organization-wide education efforts
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For Healthcare Organizations

Mosby’s Skills helps you break down barriers and differences between departments, ensuring the same procedures are followed throughout your organization. This positions you to align with key standards of care, while improving both patient care and staff satisfaction.

By building skills and procedures education around best practices and evidence-based content, Mosby’s Skills helps you:

  • Standardize skills education and orientation throughout your hospital and across the entire health system
  • Enable education to be spread across all shifts to balance training with unit coverage and hospital benefits
  • Reduce recruitment and retention costs by investing in the development and satisfaction of existing staff
  • Support achieving and maintaining Magnet status and Joint Commission accreditation
  • Ensure patient safety by utilizing the highest standards of care such as Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals and others
  • Link procedures directly to organizational policies for easy updates to policy and procedure manuals
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Mosby’s Skills Includes:

Quick Sheets

short summaries

Extended Text

in-depth description, including rationales and important considerations

Required Supplies


Demos (where applicable)

video or animation 


images and graphics


interactive online test offering immediate feedback and reporting


for competency check-offs