Mosby’s Skills+

Combining the power of evidence-based skills with robust competency management.

Assign, assess, and administer evidence-based learning across your organization.

Mosby’s Skills+ by Elsevier gives you the power to manage competency among your nursing and health professional staff. It combines all of the evidence-based content in Mosby’s Skills with the power and flexibility of Elsevier Performance Manager.

You get advanced, always-current, authoritative content from Mosby’s Skills, covering more than 1,300+ core skills and procedures.  Additionally, you get a new level of control that lets you customize content, assign skills, and perform assessments, all from an easy-to-use online interface.

Mosby’s Skills+, the best way to standardize, measure, and document knowledge and skills, brings a new level of confidence to your nursing and health professional teams.

Elsevier/Mosby is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Elsevier/Mosby is provider approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. The provider number is #50-4681. Elsevier/Mosby is provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing. The California Provider number is CEP 3257.

Benefits of Mosby’s Skills+

  • icon8For Clinical Staff
  • icon7For Educators and Managers
  • icon6For Healthcare Organizations

For Clinical Staff

Mosby’s Skills+ delivers an engaging online learning experience, giving nurses and other health professionals confidence in their skills and knowledge. Through interactive, customizable content and relevant assessments, staff members can be confident their skills are always current.

  • Refresh and assess knowledge
  • Complete assigned tasks and training online
  • Use facility-specific vocabulary and skills
  • Master concepts through interactive tests
  • Increase overall competency
  • Develop clinical reasoning skills
  • Stay informed of policy changes
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For Educators and Managers

Mosby’s Skills+ gives you a new level of control over the way skills are taught and administered in your organization. From initial training and on-boarding to continuing education, Mosby’s Skills+ lets you assign and track individual tracks, including content you have customized to your own specific processes, vocabulary, and workflow.

  • Train and orient staff to specific skills and tasks
  • Assess knowledge and provide feedback
  • Customize and upload content
  • Assign and follow discussions
  • Review reports and identify learning gaps
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For Healthcare Organizations

Mosby’s Skills+ brings a combination of industry best practices and evidence-based content and learning management to help you evolve the way you approach practical education.

  • Standardize skills and education throughout your hospital and across the entire organization
  • Customize content and upload new lessons
  • Ensure all nurses and health professionals get the targeted training they need
  • Assign and track learning tasks by individual, department or facility
  • Document knowledge for compliance and accreditation
  • Streamline training and on-boarding
  • Communicate with staff based on upcoming requirements, etc.
Click here for a demonstration of how Mosby’s Skills+ can help your organization.

Mosby’s Skills+ Includes:

Quick Sheets

short summaries

Extended Text

in-depth description, including rationales and important considerations

Required Supplies


Demos (where applicable)

video or animation 


images and graphics


interactive online test offering immediate feedback and reporting


for competency check-offs