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Standardizing the way clinical and practical skills are taught, learned, and administered.

Mosby’s Skills combines a powerful skills and procedures reference product with convenient competency management system functionality to form one comprehensive resource for nurses and other health professions.

Mosby's Skills offers educators and staff convenient online access to evidence-based skills and procedures. Content has been adapted from authoritative resources with insight from leading nursing societies, and is continuously updated to reflect the latest in evidence-based practice.

Over 1,300 skills are featured within Adult, Pediatric, and specialties such as Perioperative, Maternal/Newborn, Neonatal Intensive Care, Oncology, Respiratory Care, and others.

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Each skill features:

  • Quick Sheet - short summary
  • Extended Text - in-depth description, including rationales and important considerations
  • Required Supplies
  • Demos (where applicable) - video or animation 
  • Illustrations - images and graphics
  • Test - interactive online test offering immediate feedback and reporting
  • Checklist - for competency check-offs

Key Partners:

  • Critical Care Skills and Pediatric Acute and Critical Care Skills developed in cooperation with AACN

  • Maternal/Newborn Skills Developed in cooperation with AWHONN

  • Nutrition skills reviewed and updated in collaboration with nurse members of A.S.P.E.N.

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Mosby’s Skills

Mosby’s Skills



“It’s a great connivence, not only for us, as educators, but also for staff at the bedside. Because it’s current, it’s evidence-based, there’s no guessing game. It’s everything you need is right at your fingertips.” Kim Madden - Floyd Memorial Hospital

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