The difference with
Mosby's is Confidence.

Mosby's Suite connects authoritative information with powerful technology to give you the complete confidence that your nursing and other health professional staff has the resources necessary to consistently provide optimal patient care.

Confidence in Content.

Mosby’s Suite is brought to you by Elsevier, the world’s leading publisher of health information. This means that even as healthcare evolves, one thing you can always count on is getting the most accurate, current research and evidence-based findings.

Confidence in Tools.

From floor nurses to managers and CNOs, the tools in Mosby’s Suite address everyone’s needs, helping you streamline workflow so your staff can spend more time on what really counts – patient care.

Confidence in Communication.

Easily integrated to expand your organization’s clinical knowledge base and maintain the highest nursing and health professional standards, Mosby’s Suite is available from any computer on your organization's network and it works 24/7, just like your staff.

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