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Apr, 22nd 2014

Superheroes of Nursing: Christine Thornam Named the Educator!

Christine Thornam, BSN, MN, PhD, RN, is known not only as a standout clinical educator but as a caring and generous spirit. She excels at translating and applying research in her practice while helping others to learn how to do so. She inspires the people around her to do their best, and she never runs out of patience. Because of all of these exceptional qualities, Christine has been named The Educator.

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Apr, 10th 2014

Superheros of Nursing: Sheelu Joseph Named the Validator!

Sheelu Joseph’s attention to detail and quest for quality improvement have earned her the respect of her coworkers. Now these qualities have also earned her the title of the Validator.

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Mar, 27th 2014

Superheros of Nursing: Ofelia Layugan Named the Connector!

Ofelia Layugan, MSN, RN, is a nurse who has worked around the globe, and she has learned from every experience that she’s had. The adjustments weren’t easy. In some cases, there were no preceptors to guide her. She had to make her own way, so she knows how hard it is to transition into a new setting with new responsibilities. Now she’s found her niche by sharing her experiences and helping other nurses transition to the world of professional nursing.

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Mar, 19th 2014

Superheros of Nursing: Melody Butler Named the Protector!

Melody Anne Butler, BSN, RN, is a multi-tasker. She is a pediatric nurse, working the night shift at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in Lindenhurst, N.Y. While raising four small children, she completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing and is working toward becoming a certified pediatric nurse. During an interview for this story, she kept an eye on her children while finishing the laundry. Add to all of this that she is also a staunch supporter of vaccine advocacy, creator of a vaccine advocacy site, and a champion of the United Nations campaign to immunize children around the globe. “If I’m not constantly doing something,” she says, “there’s something wrong.”

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Mar, 12th 2014

Superheros of Nursing: Samantha Pagliara Named the Achiever!

Samantha Pagliara, RN, is all about doing her best. What makes her exceptional is her extraordinary desire to give back and make a difference. Known on her unit as Nurse Sam, her coworkers see her as their go-to person. When something needs to be done, they often turn to her. She’s flattered by the faith they have in her. Sam’s goal is always to go above and beyond. “The day that I settle for mediocrity,” she says “is the day that I need to find another job.”

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Feb, 18th 2014

Nurse Philanthropist: Making a Difference

Marion Leary, MSN, RN, lives by the belief that if you have it, share it. She has almost singlehandedly built an organization that helps uninsured and underinsured patients with overwhelming medical expenses. In the process, she has proven that one person can make a difference.

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Feb, 04th 2014

OpenNotes: A New Opportunity to Communicate with Patients

OpenNotes is a new initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that invites patients to review notes written by their physicians, nurses, and other clinicians. The evidence suggests that this initiative offers health care professionals an opportunity to improve communication with their patients. And it may help patients become more actively involved in their care.


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Jan, 29th 2014

Can Telemedicine Reduce ED Wait Times?

Overcrowding that causes long wait times in the emergency department (ED) has been a growing concern affecting hospitals across the country for some time. The University of California (UC) San Diego Health System is addressing this issue by testing the use of telemedicine to help shorten wait times. This pilot study is the first of its kind in California.

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Jan, 23rd 2014

Facebook: How Much is Too Much?

You might think that healthcare workers in the emergency department (ED) don’t have time to read Facebook posts but a new study suggests that, not only are they spending time on Facebook, it may be excessive enough to impact patient care.

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Dec, 23rd 2013

Nurses in War: Part II - Coming Home

Mary Ellen Doherty, PhD, RN, CNM, and Beth Scannell-Desch, PhD, RN, OCNS, set out to conduct a research study. The first study led to another and then another. Ultimately, they wrote a book, Nurses in War, about the experiences of nurses serving in combat zones.

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